"No-Kill" Shelters

Many people wishing to place their animals will attempt to locate a "No Kill" shelter, thinking that this would be the best option for their pet. "No Kill" shelters are also different from "Animal Sanctuaries". "No Kill" shelters operate with limited admission policies to control the flow of incoming animals. You will need to contact the shelter and determine if there is a waiting period. The shelter staff will inform you of their policies regarding incoming animals and the donation fee, if any.

Often "No Kill" shelters will be selective in their acceptance of animals. They depend on a quick adoption turnover to make regular openings, otherwise you could wait FOREVER! For this reason, they may decline to take animals with significant health or behavior challenges. Animals that have been spayed or neutered, have good medical histories and acceptable household manners have a good chance of being accepted more readily. You can significantly increase the animal's chances of being adopted by having it clean and groomed, surgically altered, vaccinated and taking it to an obedience class for basic training.

In truth, the types of animals that do well in such a placement program could be readily adopted from a local animal shelter. The best way to place your animal is to do it yourself through networking, advertisement in the paper, and use of rescue groups. You best know the animal and can find an appropriate home for it. If this is not possible, have reasonable expectations from any agency that may take your animal for placement. If an animal has poor manners and is truly a "diamond in the rough", you are requesting a service that is difficult to provide. Sometimes an animal can remain in a shelter for months for this reason. All animal shelters would like to be "No Kill" but there are too many animals in Oregon at the present time to accomplish this. There must be shelters that are willing to accept the animals that some shelters will not.

Oregon "No Kill" agencies and rescue include:

Evergreen Doe Humane Society (McMinnville)

Columbia County Humane Society (St. Helens)

Cat Adoption Team, 503-925-8803 (Sherwood)

House of Dreams-cat placement (Portland)

Safehaven Humane Society (Albany)

Dallas Animal Control (Dallas)

Family Dogs N.W. (Portland)

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